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Our Past

VIP was founded in South Africa in June of 2006 and the original plan was to develop unique projects, that would become stand-alone companies owned by VIP. What started as a company developing projects only for itself, quickly turned into a company developing websites for family, friends and eventually clients. At first only clients from South Africa, but from 2008 clients from the USA and from 2010 clients from The Netherlands as well. In 2016 VIP was registered in the state of Montana in the USA and the plan is to eventually make that the base of operations.

In 2017 it was decided to do what we wanted to do in the first place, and that is to develop a series of projects that will become stand-alone companies.

The Present

Our aim is to develop Internet projects that are out of the ordinary and unique in most aspects. We would like to give the world tools and applications they can use and that will benefit people in their daily lives. The projects we'll develop span a number of industries and the plan is to complete them over the next few years. We are presently working on completing our first project, which is a business directory and web application called USA Business Find.

Our Future

Our projects are funded entirely by ourselves, so we continue to design and develop projects for clients from all over the world, in order to cover expenses. This we do under our other company called SnowCrest Digital and We have a number of clients from all over the world, and so our work as an actual design and development company still keeps us very busy. Our plan is to complete and launch our first project in 2018.


We have not completed any projects that are owned by us and developing projects for companies and other people are keeping us too busy. As soon as our first project is complete it will appear here. Check back regularly to see how we progress.


USA Business Find - Let the business find you

We are actively busy creating the most amazing business directory for the United States of America and it a website that will feature a great magnitude of tools and functionality. Every business in the US should register and become a member of USA Business Find. The website is done and we are making the final changes and doing some testing to ensure everything is working like it should.

Visit the website to see the progress at www.usabusinessfind.com. This will be our first project and it will once completed become one of many completed projects to come.


The Official World's Sexiest Contest

The official contest to find the sexiest man and woman in the world. Two separate contests, under one name and on one website. The website was completed in 2016 but the contest will only launch once we have secured the correct sponsorship and prizes, and once we have completed our more important project doBizApp. Visit the website to find out more about The Official World's Sexiest contest.

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